Lenten Small Groups, 2023


This Lent, join us as we experience a season of spiritual growth and life-changing renewal while exploring the major themes of the Gospel of John.  This small group session will meet during Lent, from the week of February 26th through the week of April 3rd.

Group A- Mondays @7pm- Troy Winder

Group B- Tuesdays @6pm- Chris Werner

Group C- Wednesdays @10am- Linda Beck, Margie Froeschle and Mary Hasty

Group D- Sundays @10am- Frank Mitvalsky

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This Lent we will be journeying through the Gospel of John together and we’ve excited to be having the whole church in conjunction, with our Sunday School, small groups and worship all studying the same lessons.  What a wonderful way to grow in Christ!

We would like to add one more component for us to grow even more: a reading of the entire Gospel of John.  We would like to challenge you all to join together in reading through the entire book of John during the course of Lent.  To help facilitate this, we have going to be using the Bible app/website.  We have found a 24-day study where you’re given a short devotion and then a passage to read.  There are 40 days of Lent so if you miss a few days of the readings we should all still be able to finish by Easter.

The reading plan is called “Journey Through John” and can be found on the YouVersion Bible app (You can join the church reading plan group here: https://bible.com/…/c81bdb3a2f0967b96f4f5ef7d561e868) or on your computer at https://www.bible.com/reading-plans/22757-journey-through-john  We will also put a link to the study on our website at bettpre.org/smallgroups

You’re encouraged to join in as we journey toward Easter together!


Here are the daily readings if you would prefer to use your own Bible:

Day 1- John 1: 1-18

Day 2- John 1: 19-51

Day 3- John 2

Day 4- John 3: 1-21

Day 5- John 3: 22-36

Day 6- John 4

Day 7- John 5

Day 8- John 6: 1-40

Day 9- John 6: 41-71

Day 10- John 7

Day 11- John 8

Day 12- John 9

Day 13- John 10

Day 14- John 11

Day 15- John 12

Day 16- John 13

Day 17- John 14

Day 18- John 15

Day 19- John 16

Day 20- John 17

Day 21- John 18

Day 22- John 19

Day 23- John 20

Day 24- John 21