Everyone is invited to join us for a free dinner (with a little extra fun thrown in) every Wednesday at 5:30. After dinner, kindergartners through 5th graders are welcome to come join us for some music, crafting, games, and other adventures related to our Bible story until 7. The junior high and high school students are also exploring the Bible at the same time as a youth group, and learning and hanging out together until 7:30. Our curriculum for all ages walks us through the Bible and shows us how it is still important in our lives today!

The first Wednesday of each month, we have an extra special Midweek program for the WHOLE FAMILY! Everyone is invited to join us on for Family Night! Every first Wednesday of the month we will be gathering as a church family at 5:30 to enjoy dinner followed by either a movie or games!

Come join us for some fun, fellowship and laughs!

For your student’s safety, the registration card must be filled out. The form is available at church or you can print it and fill it out, returning it Jake. You can also fill out the form here online.

Please contact Jake at BPCkids@hotmail.com with any questions or for more information