Mission Concerns

About Mission Concerns

How does Gods love abide in anyone who has the worlds goods and sees a brother or sister in need and yet refuses to help? (I John 3:17)

Mission: To reveal God’s love, justice and saving grace made known in Jesus Christ. Purpose: Prayerfully to research, prioritize and generate support activities to accomplish our mission with people of special need in our area, region and around the world.

The members of Bettendorf Presbyterian Church, in part through the Mission Concerns Committee, support local, regional and world service agencies with time, talent, and money. The broadening of communication networks and diverse population movements are constantly making us more aware of the severe need in all parts of the world. We are very blessed at Bettendorf Presbyterian and much of that blessing comes through the generosity, love, care and support of our membership for people in crisis, whether its origins are environmental or political.

Here we will describe the gifts both of money and time and talent provided by our congregation. There are some organizations that are provided both monetary support and “hands-on” effort. These are listed in both sections because members of our congregation make substantial contributions through both money and tireless efforts.

This is only a summary of the “official” mission works of our church. There are many whose works go unheralded, and perhaps even unnoticed, but who are nonetheless quietly spreading the love and saving grace of Jesus Christ through their day-to-day contacts. They give tithes, time and talents as Jesus asked us to do in Matthew 6:1-4 without the sound of trumpets and for the glory of God and not the glory from man. They are a great proportion of the mission of Bettendorf Presbyterian Church.

The Giving Tree

We believe in hands on mission, but understand that sometimes you might not know where areas of need are for our community. The Community Needs Tree (The GIVING TREE) lists local needs given to us by our mission partners, which we as the Body of Christ can fulfill. Check out the Giving Tree in the Narthex… how can you help?

Check the Giving Tree regularly to find the needs that you are uniquely gifted by God to fulfill. And you can ask for help in working on fulfilling the need, by asking friends to help you.

  • Find a tag that fits your abilities
  • Pull that tag
  • Fulfill the need

Mission Partners

The following mission organizations are supported by BPC:


Mission Activities

  • Saturday Food Distribution
  • Meals on Wheels
  • Food Pantry Support
  • Salvation Army Meal Site
  • Giving Tree
  • Crop Walk
  • Relay For Life
  • BPC Garden
  • Salvation Army Angel Tree
  • Mitten Tree
  • Faith in Action Sunday


Mission Offerings

  • Christmas Joy Offering
  • One Great Hour of Sharing
  • Peace Making
  • Blanket and Tool Offering
  • Food Pantry Offering