• Cash and Securities
    Gifts of appreciated securities may offer the benefits of reduced tax liability while furthering a charitable goal. To achieve this result, shares must be transferred to the charity.
  • Real or Personal Property
    Real Estate can provide a unique gift opportunity. Sizable capital gains often occur and an outright gift of Real Estate could result in tax savings. Capital gains tax is avoided if charity sells the property.
  • Bequests by Wills
    A will is an effective means to accomplish many goals including charitable intentions. A bequest can be written to give a percentage of your estate or a stated amount to your charity.
  • Life Insurance
    Giving Life Insurance may offer benefits and a chance to make a gift where other options are not available. Policies purchased many years ago may no longer be needed as originally intended.
  • Charitable Gift Annuity
    A contract providing life time income payments based on the age of the person(s) receiving the income. Sample guaranteed rates of return: age 75=7.1%, age 80=8.0%; age 85=9.5%; age 90=11.3%. The church/charity receives the principal remaining in the fund at the end of the annuitant’s life.
  • Deferred Gift Annuity
    Similar to Charitable Gift Annuity, except payments to annuitant is deferred to a later time. This generates larger income to donor in the future when payments begin.