Questions regarding Children’s Ministries may be directed to any of the following individuals by calling the church office at 355-6494.

  • Pastor Troy Winder
  • Dee Vogt, Children’s Ministry Elder


The mission of the Children’s Ministries Committee is to develop an environment for growth and understanding of Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior that encompasses the wide range of age groups found within our church family. The CE committee strives to:

  • Provide study and interpretation opportunities for understanding of the Scriptures, teachings of the church and history of the church
  • Provide opportunities to study the needs of God’s world
  • Provide education support for the communal life of the congregation as its committees, organizations and fellowship groups make decisions in light of the study of the Scriptures and the needs of God’s world
  • Provide an environment where people can grow, make decisions, and understand their commitment to Jesus Christ with its inherent risks, sacrifices and rewards
  • Develop fellowship activities for personal growth in a Christian atmosphere
  • Provide an annual review, evaluation and recommendation to the Session of curriculum for study.


Christian Education controls the following, listed below.

  • Confirmation Class
  • Junior and Senior High Youth Group
  • Sunday School
  • Vacation Bible School
  • Youth Stewardship