Lenten Small Groups 2019

Simon Peter- An ordinary fisherman who heard an extraordinary call.  He was not rich or educated, but was familiar with hard work.  He was quick-tempered and impetuous, but possessed a passion that would change the world.  He left everything to follow his teacher, but struggled doubt and fear.

Join us this Lent as we explore the life, faith and character of Simon Peter and how his experiences relate to how we live and experience faith.

All groups will be studying the same thing this Lent (March 10-Holy Week)


Register ONE of three easy ways!!

1) Pick a group and write the letter down on the welcome register.

2) Register using the form below the group descriptions on this page

3) Email or call Chris: or 563-355-6494


Group A

Leader- Mary Johnson

Mondays @7pm

Location- Johnson home



Group B

Leader- Chris Werner

Tuesdays @6pm

Location- Werner home



Group C

Leader Margie Froeschle

Wednesdays @5:30pm

Loaction- BPC



Group D

Leader- Troy Winder

Thursdays @5:30pm

Location- BPC



Group E- Adult Sunday School

Leader- Frank Mitvalsky

Sundays @10am

Location- BPC


Group F

Leader- Mary Hasty

Wednesdays @9am

Location- BPC


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What is a “Small Group”?

  • A Small Group at BPC is a group of 8-15 people who have chosen to meet weekly in a welcoming setting to discuss scripture and Christian topics for the purpose of building relationships with Christ and one another.
  • BPC Small Groups meet by “trimesters”, usually around 10-12 weeks.  This gives you a definite beginning and end- being in a particular group isn’t a life sentence!

Why should I get involved with a Small Group?

  • Building relationships: A small group gives you the opportunity to get to know people at a deeper level.  Sunday mornings are an awesome time to worship with the whole family of God, hear a sermon, engage in corporate vision, etc. but a small group gives you a chance to build deeper friendships with people you might not otherwise get to know.
  • Learning the Word of God: Sunday’s sermon is a great time to get a broad teaching of the Word of God. However, small groups provide time for one on one discussion. Small Groups at BPC are discussion-based so we can all be involved in the conversation if wish.
  • Opportunity to Serve Others: Each of our Small Groups are invited to take part in a mission-focused activity each semester.
  • Place to invite friends: A small group is a natural place to invite friends and family. Sometimes people are more comfortable going to a small group then attending a Sunday morning service.
  • Follow the New Testament pattern: Acts 2:42-47 gives us a blueprint of what the early church was passionately committed to. The early Christ Followers gathered in homes, shared meals, read the Word, prayed together, and simply shared life together. When you participate in a small group you are following the New Testament pattern.