Small Groups- Fall 2018

Join us as we kick off an awesome Fall small group session, which will run from Sept. 9 through mid-November.  We have several wonderful groups for you- you can sign up one of several easy ways:

1) Pick a group and write the letter down on the welcome register.

2) Register at

3) Email or call Chris: or 563-355-6494


Group A- The Unusual Gospel of John

Mondays @7pm

Leader: Mary Johnson


The Gospel of John’s portrayal of Jesus could be considered unique, perhaps unusual, when compared with the other 3 Gospels.  Join us as we study and discuss some of these unusual stories!


Group B- Ignite: Refining and Purifying Your Faith

Tuesdays @6pm

Leader: Chris Werner


Fire is a source of destruction.  It incinerates and destroys.  But it also refines and purifies.  In the Bible, God used fire and other trials to reveal his power through the lives of people.  Join us as we explore great stories from scripture that will fan the flames of our faith!


Group C- God Is Closer Than You Think

Wednesdays @10am

Leader: Judy Benson


In this small group Bible study, John Ortberg helps you to discover and enjoy a vibrant, moment-by-moment relationship with God the Father.  Today you can see God in action. Today you can connect with God heart-to-heart. Today!


Group D- Feasting on the Word

Thursdays @1pm

Leader: Bill Hitchings


Feasting on the Word is a wonderful series developed by the Presbyterian Church designed to allow the participant to get more in-depth with a scripture passage than they typically would be on Sunday morning.  This is a great chance for us to dig a little deeper on some important passages!


Adult Sunday School

Sundays @10am

Leader: Frank Mitvalsky


For the Fall session, we will be continuing to use an amazing curriculum called “That the World May Know”.  Follow the Biblical teacher Ray Vander Lann as he takes you to the places where scripture took place as we learn the full story of the Bible together.


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What is a “Small Group”?

  • A Small Group at BPC is a group of 8-15 people who have chosen to meet weekly in a welcoming setting to discuss scripture and Christian topics for the purpose of building relationships with Christ and one another.
  • BPC Small Groups meet by “trimesters”, usually around 10-12 weeks.  This gives you a definite beginning and end- being in a particular group isn’t a life sentence!

Why should I get involved with a Small Group?

  • Building relationships: A small group gives you the opportunity to get to know people at a deeper level.  Sunday mornings are an awesome time to worship with the whole family of God, hear a sermon, engage in corporate vision, etc. but a small group gives you a chance to build deeper friendships with people you might not otherwise get to know.
  • Learning the Word of God: Sunday’s sermon is a great time to get a broad teaching of the Word of God. However, small groups provide time for one on one discussion. Small Groups at BPC are discussion-based so we can all be involved in the conversation if wish.
  • Opportunity to Serve Others: Each of our Small Groups are invited to take part in a mission-focused activity each semester.
  • Place to invite friends: A small group is a natural place to invite friends and family. Sometimes people are more comfortable going to a small group then attending a Sunday morning service.
  • Follow the New Testament pattern: Acts 2:42-47 gives us a blueprint of what the early church was passionately committed to. The early Christ Followers gathered in homes, shared meals, read the Word, prayed together, and simply shared life together. When you participate in a small group you are following the New Testament pattern.